Cobb County Foreclosures

Your Number One Resource for Foreclosures in Cobb County

There comes a time in life where you want to find the place you want to settle down in forever, but what if finances restrict your ability to make such a big purchase? Ryan Lewis & Associates is the number one resource for buying a foreclosure property in Cobb County that provides you with the opportunity to get a great deal on a home. As these homes are typically sold below market value, you can enjoy your ideal dream home at a lower price.

How Does Buying a Foreclosure Work?

Foreclosures happen when the original property owner is no longer able to maintain payments on their home, resulting in repossession by their mortgage provider. To recoup losses, the mortgage provider will sell the home for the value of what is left on the mortgage. Your realtor at Ryan Lewis & Associates will assist you in determining any encumbrances on the title, such as liens or issues that you would have to take on after the sale to ensure that you are completely informed of all information before purchase.

Your Move to Cobb County is Right Around the Corner

Cobb County is an expensive area, located close enough to Atlanta to offer all of the amenities of a big city but with a more laid back, small-town way of life. With beautiful tree-lined streets and a warm and welcoming community, there is ample opportunity to enjoy carefree days and rich, entertaining nights. The area of choice for families, young and old alike, there is a reason Cobb County is voted one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Find Out More About Buying a Foreclosure in Cobb County Today

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