Equitable Division of Marital Property in Georgia

Georgia is an equitable distribution state, so you need to find a way to equally divide your marital property. If you cannot do this, then a judge will decide on the fairest way to split the asset. If you need to sell marital property in Georgia, then Ryan Lewis & Associates is your real estate agent of choice. With extensive experience the equitable division in Georgia, our team eases the process when it comes to splitting your property.

Find Out How a Realtor can Assist with Equitable Division in Georgia

Equitable division in Georgia does not mean splitting your marital property 50/50. What it actually means is that the percentage of the asset that each party takes represents a fair division that represents the contribution to the process of acquiring the home, as well as the intent during the purchase. Your real estate agent will assist you in determining the listing price for the home and handle all aspects of the sale to ease the burden on you through this difficult process. At Ryan Lewis & Associates, we handle many homes for sale that are marital property in Georgia. Our expertise means that we are perfectly placed to assist you in getting your home sold in order to close that chapter of your life.

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