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Midtown Atlanta, nestled between Downtown Atlanta and Buckhead, is a culmination of residential and commercial property. Options for living in Midtown Atlanta is primarily condominiums or apartments. However there are plenty of areas with townhomes and single family properties as well. The beautiful thing about living in Midtown is the diversity of options and the proximity to everything the city has to offer. With such a close proximity to Buckhead and Downtown, and combined with a multitude of transit options, Midtown is the perfect place to live, work and play.


Things to do in Midtown

Midtown is chock full of restaurants and bars, museums, exceptional shopping and is host to a number of large events throughout the year. With the highest concentration of arts facilities and artistic organizations in the Southeast, Midtown is without a doubt the art center of Atlanta. Living in Midtown can provide you with an endless opportunity of activities year round.

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