Real Estate Facts: Should You Sell FSBO?

In the competitive market we are operating in, your Alpharetta Realtor is your best tool in navigating it with ease. There are many situations where individuals believe that working to sell their home on their own will save them money, but this rarely plays out like that. Instead, having the best real estate agent on your side ensures the process goes well, minimizes potential risks, and ensures you get the most possible for your home’s sale.

Consider a Few Key Facts

If you are unsure you want to work with a Realtor, consider a few key facts that may offer more insight to you. For example, Zillow found that about 36 percent of those who try to sell their home FSBO expect it will save them time, but the end result was the opposite. It takes a lot of time to manage the legalities, marketing, and contract work of this process.

Some believe they do not have to pay a commission if they go with FSBO. The fact is, you may still need to pay at least 3 percent commission for the buyer’s real estate agent. This does not save you any money in that area.

You may also feel the real pinch in the situation when you realize that FSBO homes get far fewer offers than those that are listed with a real estate agent. That means fewer people to potentially buy your home. More so, about 36 percent of homeowners will try to sell their home on their own before turning to a real estate agent to do the work.

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